Fear, anxiety, and depression. A way out.

fear, anxiety, depression

All of us have been through these emotions of fear, anxiety and depression in our life journey. We suffer and survive through it like a rudderless boat that hits the shore accidentally. As the most intelligent living species, we need to understand these emotions to lead our life through them with an adept sailor's confidence and not just live by 'chance'.

Fear is one of the natural and basic human emotions that surfaces when confronted with danger, real or perceived. Essentially it is mother nature's way of keeping us clear of troubles (1). The instigating threat could be physical or psychological and evoke a biochemical reaction or emotional reaction. The fight/flight reaction stemming from fear is a survival reaction, but the psychological manifestation of being helpless, overwhelmed, upset or turning into a zombie is dangerous.

Anxiety is the fear of the unknown, and it is natural to occur when faced with an unusual task or situation (2). Today, many workers face severe economic difficulties, are getting older, and are incredibly stressed and unhappy (3). And that is a valid reason for stress and anxiety.

However, being fearful/anxious about anything and everything in life is a disorder so characteristic of modern life. The project deadline, the next meeting to attend, the children's grades in school, an ailing mother, arguments with spouse, finding a new house, the list could go on for a modern person that spikes fear and anxiety.

Continual fear and anxiety lead to severe depression, where the very will to live is challenged. It pains to see the young generation plagued by the stress of the worst order. Grades, career, relationships, aspirations, blind race to win, family pressures, unreasonable desires have taken a massive toll on the generation which should be singing and dancing rather than carry wrinkles on the forehead.

In the USA, anxiety disorders affect 40 million citizens above 18, adding to about 18% of the population every year (4). And the figures are comparable in other developed and developing countries.

Life is meant to live, enjoy, and be happy (like the indigenous tribes) and not drudgery to suffer (like the modern man). We need to steer our lives clear of this malady.

The boisterous social groups today are composed of lonely individuals, and that is a sad irony. The fellow human being seems alien to us, whereas the ancient wisdom says we all are a part of this great universe. Compulsive fear and anxiety plague our lonely minds and hearts. A drop of water from the ocean is helpless and overwhelmed, but together with other drops, the ocean exhumes tremendous confidence and exuberance. Loneliness breeds fear, doubt, anxiety and helplessness. Association and connection beget joy, love, faith and peace.

The whole universe, made up of trees, rivers, mountains, deserts, planets, stars, us, other living creations and everything we know and beyond, is one significant entity. We as humans are an indivisible part of the universe, which was one of the basic principles of ancient wisdom practised by classical and indigenous communities.

The sense of joy and fearlessness experienced when being one with the universe is exponential (in the least) compared to the feeling of being with friends and family. We have broken this universal intimacy for generations, and the path back seems complicated. But the secret to reconnecting with the universe still lies safe with ancient wisdom carriers.

Athena Wisdom Institute, a leading practitioner of ancient wisdom in the modern world, offers practical and comprehensive courses to reconnect with the universe. Associate with the team of enabled mentors under the leadership of Ms Simone Junod (wisdom keeper) at https://courses.athenawisdominstitute.com/ to lead a fuller life free of fear and inhibitions. Let your life blossom to its fullest potential on being one with the universe, rather than fear, anxiety and depression browbeat your lonely existence.


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