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Fearless, Free, Feminine - Full Immersion

SFr. 499.00
SFr. 499.00

Full Immersion

The price of our retreat includes the course attendance and the free access to our online self-study. Hospitality and food can be booked separately with us using our email address

What this course is

Fearless, Free, Feminine is a 5-month immersive wisdom embodiment course for women willing to further grow and live the highest expression of themselves and to contribute to the creation of a better world for all.

You have started your career path with enthusiasm and passion, yet feel only partially fulfilled. You are longing to have a greater impact in both your personal and professional life and have initiated a self-introspection journey, yet so far, you have not progressed as much as you wish. You intuitively feel that there “is more to it” in this life, however have not yet uncovered the keys to access these other resources and capabilities. Deep down you know that there is more for you to learn and find within yourself, that there is more for you to do in this world.

Who this course is for

It is for women who are curious about their inner potential, how self-development leads to business success, and who want to start to learn techniques to bring out their greatest strengths. It is for women who are ready to go on a quest to discover their life’s purpose and uncover a guiding vision for leading a fulfilled life and a life of service to a greater cause. It is for women who want to embody their highest potential and are willing to cultivate the courage, strength, and inner wisdom to say, “I want, I can, I go.”

How this course works

The Course is based on a two-folded approach: on the one hand, the program empowers you to develop your full potential and, for this purpose, makes use of tried and tested methods and techniques of partially unconventional methods originating from different cultures and traditions. The aim is to strengthen your self-confidence and courage in order to uncover your highest potential. 

On the other hand, the program teaches you essential skills needed for the labor market of the 21st century. The so-called 4 Cs – Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Creativity are actively trained and applied in all course modules. Additionally, you will be using elements from the Business Frameworks Theory U (MIT), Design Thinking, and Dragon Dreaming Project Management. You will be encouraged to let go of outdated ideas and behavior patterns, to reorient yourself for the labor market of the future, to develop a vision for yourself and your work, and to materialize it in a concrete action plan that can be implemented.

The true impact and feminine power come from knowing yourself deeply, being connected and in alignment with your higher self, having a vision for your life, and cultivating the inner strength and confidence to bring that vision forward into the world.

Once your physical, emotional, and intellectual states are fully aligned with your body, you attract what you consciously decide to materialize. To achieve this alignment, we take you on this deeply transformative Wisdom Embodiment course.

Over a period of five months, you will go on a discovery journey about yourself, your roots, your challenges, your uncovered potentials, and your life purpose. With a well-balanced blend of body movements, breathing techniques, rituals, guided meditations, storytelling, and reflection processes, you will experience through your body, understand with your mind and reignite your inborn inner wisdom.

You will work by yourself, within your company, as an entrepreneur, or with your peers on a Business Project of your choice. The only restriction on the project topics being, that the project aim should benefit sustainability, equality, or inclusion within your work or living place.

Course toolbox - personal growth

You will learn methods and processes to

  • observe and reflect upon your life from a higher perspective 
  • transform unconscious biases and blocking patterns into strengths and resilience
  • become the master of your thoughts and emotions and induce a quiet mind

Course toolbox - business skills building 

You will learn techniques to

  • expedite decision-making using both intuitive and rational mind equally
  • accelerate brainstorming, creativity and critical thinking (using ancient techniques as well as Design Thinking)
  • dream, define and bring your vision to life
  • listen truly and understand the other (Theory U - MIT)
  • manage change and projects (Theory U - MIT, Dragon Dreaming Project Management)

Course toolbox - community

You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded women and female coaches willing to 

  • expand consciousness and spirituality to business
  • increase sustainability, equality and diversity in the companies they work for
  • lead a purpose-driven life and inspire from their inner core values



The price is € 499 per module – this excludes hospitality & food, which you may book separately at However, this includes access to the Online Self Study course

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