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Rainbow Bridge Tribal Camp

SFr. 193.00
SFr. 193.00

What is Rainbow Bridge Tribal Camp?

Rainbow Bridge Tribal Camp is an opportunity to be fully engaged with your kids. You can unplug from the busyness of your regular routine and spend focused time with each other to create long-lasting memories, share adventures, explore nature, and become powerfully united. This is a life-changing getaway and is appropriate for all children and adults of all ages. 


About the Tribal Camp

We are being called. It is time to remember and hear the singing of all life in harmony.  

Children, parents, and grandparents will come together at our Rainbow Bridge Tribal Camp to remember who we are and awaken to our deep connection with all life and our sacred home of Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Great Spirit.  

Every member of the family will be invited to grow and contribute to the tribe. Some will be cooks, some will be tipi builders, and everyone from youngest to oldest will have a part to play.  

At all times there are people to mind the children, keeping everyone engaged and creating a meaningful experience for every member of the family.  

For a few days, we will journey together and learn from each other across all generations. You and your family can attend our four-day camp experience, assuring that your experience works for your family and schedule.  


Join our four-day camp experience

Our four-day experience will feature family meals, guided journeys, workshops, and daily tribal life. Families will have the opportunity to participate in storytelling time and work together creating and experiencing meaningful moments together.  

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